The Helle Ambassadors

The Helle Ambassadors

From the beginning a spirit of adventure and access to fjords brought Helle from a small, rural community into the world. It wasn’t long before letters and postcards, including one that simply was addressed to “the knife maker in Norway,” came back from customers sharing their stories and experiences using Helle knives. 

Flatlay with a Helle Arv. Photo by Camilla Nilsen.

Over time we learned each Helle knife tells a story that transcends the wood, steel and leather they combine. Our customer’s experiences connect our past with the future, and make Helle something greater than just an ordinary knife. Skilled hands craft each Helle knife, creating an individual connection between the people making and those using our knives. This bond between knife maker and knife user represents a global community, spanning generations.

While we don’t receive as many letters and postcards these days, we have kept most of those from the past. These days our customers can quickly communicate with us online, and interact with each other directly. Your stories of the pursuit of nature, determination in the face of challenge, pride of ownership, and loyalty to tradition make Helle the world renowned brand it is today.

Each year we highlight a few members of the Helle community though our ambassador program. Like our knives, Helle ambassadors represent a love of nature, adventure, handiwork, and shared traditions that bring our community together.  

Ambassador in action. Photo by Roman Kahler. 

Learn more about the 2019 Helle Ambassador team and follow their adventures here:

Camilla, Norway: @buscraftandcoffee
Leslie, USA: @waldeinsamkeit_woodcraft
Roman, USA: @foranova
Svenn-Inge, Norway: @svinges
Thomas, Sweden: @thomas.wijk_
Zenia Maltha, Denmark: @zeniim


We want to hear your stories and experiences using Helle Knives. Please email your photos and stories to Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

To be considered for the Helle ambassador team, please apply here. The next application period begins in Feb 2020, but we will keep your information on file.