Full tang / Wilderness knife ”Nord”

Full tang / Wilderness knife ”Nord”

Nord (meaning North in the Norwegian language)



The connection to nature and the effect it has on us also influence everything we make at Helle, and the Nord knife is no exception. For us Nord (North) is more than a direction. 

Just like the steepness of the Nordic mountains the Nord knife stands up tall. What you see is exactly what you get. Nord represents our impression of the honesty and pureness of the northern climate and terrain, putting the Helle philosophy on open display for all to see.

The Nord knife is developed to meet the demands of the Scandinavian wilderness. Sprung out of our 90 yearlong traditions as knifemakers and taking one step further. This knife combines our history with the emergence of a new outdoor generation – using our tools in a different manner and for other purposes than our ancestors. 



Development of the Nord knife started during a wilderness trip, drawing inspiration from a knife that has its roots in the true north, the Lappland. For quite some time, we had been nurturing the idea of adjusting it slightly to better meet the demands and tasks around camp. 

It's now more than two years since this new knife was put on the drawing board and first samples where made. Like always ideas often take their own path if allowed, and that is normally the case when we work with new products in the Helle development team. Samples were produced, adjustments made, and then new samples, adjusted angles, finding balance, finding the size, choice of steel – Until the product reveals itself and becomes obvious. 

Our aim was to make a knife with much more to offer than what the actual size suggests. Thus, the Nord knife combines a longer handle with a large, but not excessive blade, which replicates the functionality of a smaller knife when cutting and carving. The hand shaped handle offers a secure and natural grip close to the blade, creating great balance for cutting and whittling.


At the same time, the full length offers a great swing-weight when clearing branches, as it allows the hand to secure its grip further towards the pomel. And when held for pull strokes, it is just as comfortable. This knife quickly   became a favorite and the talk of the forest among our outdoor friends who had the chance to test the prototypes.

With a 3,7mm thick Sandvik 14c28n blade and a sharp shine, Nord will take on most challenges thrown at it. Thin enough for cutting properties and strong enough for most tasks on your adventures.