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Helle knives Nature


The connection with nature is in everything we do!

Helle, a family company of tradition and craft is a long way from the fast lanes of the big cities. Making high quality knives has been the source of the livelihood and lifestyle among the Helle family and its crafts people for more than three generations. The generations old tradition has been passed on through the hands of the people in the small town in Norway. This lineage of edge and grain is as a torch we continue to pass on to the future generations of crafts people.

At Helle we strongly believe that form matters and is an essential step in building all our products. Allowing this process to natural process to include all those who wish to be involved. The goal of Helle is to always produce high-quality tools not just made for nature but inspired by it. The very same surroundings that our parents did before us and we to aim to learn from and protect this nature for future generations. At Helle we know the world is ever changing , people will always have a desire to grow. Helle believe does not have to come at the price of our natural world.

Helle knives Nature

The knife has been one of mankind’s most important tools and this is still evident today across the land of Scandinavia. Been aware of this gives us the pride we take in our work from being one of the few remaining knife manufacturers in this tradition.

We don’t see our history separate from the landscape that helped shape it. Handing down our knowledge, maintaining the traditions of the craft and passing on those skills to the next generation is as important as sharing our passion for nature. For the two coexist and a tool built for nature can’t be separate from it.

“The responsibility of heritage”

The home of Helle is not situated at the heart of a sprawling metropolis. But this we don’t see as a weakness but a strength. A knife can go from the drawing board at sunrise , to the hands of craftsperson and out into nature before the sun sets. It doesn’t stop with just the Helle knives though. Everyone who works for Helle shares a passion for the outdoors. A passion we believe gives us purpose and lends itself to the belief that we are able to make the tools of true outdoorsmen and women.

Helle knives Nature

Simply looking out over the vast landscape from the windows of the Helle factory. Letting your eye flow from one of the many mountains, seeing the fjord below and the ocean to the west brings all of what nature can show us into sharp relief. It becomes a different perspective on who we are, thanks to where we are.

Nature is what unites us in what we do and this is reflected in the products we make. It is our classroom and inspiration. Nature is right outside the factory doorstep always teaching, never compromising. Where a storm brewing on the horizon doesn’t mean “grab your umbrella” it means staying put! That foresight and planning is how you stay alive. Been able to read natures story.

Helle knives are the product of this environment. Our knives would never have become what they are because of the amazing Norwegian landscape. Shaped by its nature and the people born of it.

Our products are made to join you on your on hip as you adventure and explore this amazing world. With decades of feedback from use all over the world by Helle owners on their own adventures. We know that the connection with nature is the same. That we may use different dialects in different environments. But how natures language is universal.

Building tools for you to create with. To allow an inner vision to come to life whether it’s a bark boat, a spoon, sharpening a pencil to mark that final cut or to simply point a stick for a sausage on the evening campfire. We hope that your Helle knife serves as an inspiration for the adventures we all share, adventures of old and the dreams of new. It’s the connection to the past and all that it has to teach us and the adventures the future shows that Helle represents. That there is a forest beyond the fast lane, and you are holding in your hand the antidote to get there.

Helle knives Nature